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Parent Teachers & Students Associations (PTSAs) of ABC School District

We build PTSAs of the new Millenium!

If you are a parent with school kids, you all know how PTAs and PTSAs work.

Most of them do not have a web site. If they have one, it is mostly not doing anything, are out dated and hardly updated. It is very unfortunate that they don't see this as an issue and keep doing things in the old ways - using paper, pencil and snail mails! Agreed that PTSAs are non-profit organizations and with the limited income the focus is to keep the activities running. Still that is not an excuse for not changing as the world around us changes!

All of them use manual process for Membership Management. Paper forms were to be filled during registration with payment attached using check or cash before mailing to the School office or sending it via your kid. This alone makes the membership drive very ineffective since there are many opportunities for the paper forms to get lost or ignored.

Every year one has to repeat this to renew the membership, resulting in very low renewal numbers, eventually causing the decline in membership as the students go to higher grades. We have demonstrated this using our Analytics and Reporting tools very clearly.
Membership cards were not issued on time, in some cases it was never issued. Nor was there a complete list of the member roster available for notifications about various events. Treasurer had to make frequent trips to the bank to deposit cash and check. Financial decipline was missing with potential audit issues as well.

ABCPTSA.ORG had contacted a local PTSA to discuss how we can help automate their manual procedures to increase efficiency, accuracy and membership count. In 2013, we built a Membership Manager to replace their manual procedures and had a very successful launch in time for the new academic year. Rest is history and the facts speak for itself!

Key Features:

Various Adminstrative Features Including:

PTSA connecting Families and Schools
Membership Manager for Parent Teachers & Students Associations of ABC School District